Reframing Human Services

Human Services are a vital building block for community well-being and ensuring everyone can thrive and contribute to the collective good. We must tell a better story of how we work with the community to create the services, support, and connections that enable everyone to reach their full potential. Our workshops are based on research conducted by Frameworks Institute and are part of a national movement to Reframe Human Servies, an effort led by our partners at the National Center to Reframe Aging.

We offer in person and virtual workshops that can be tailored for your community or organization. Technical assistance is also available to support you to enact and build on this important work.


Training Catalog

Core Strategies for Reframing Human Services

How we Build Community Well-Being

The way that we communicate impacts how people understand and act on our message. When talking about human services, it’s important to understand common public thinking, what cues inadvertently negative perceptions, and what messages will resonate. In this training, we offer research-based strategies on telling complete stories of human services, communication strategies to demonstrate the breadth and value of services, and examples of how human service organizations talk about their work.


Intersectionality and Equity in Aging

A New Narrative for How We Talk About Community Well-Being

Often in our communications, we struggle to find compelling ways to describe our organizations and the impact of the services we provide, including services for older adults. When discussing human services and aging, we can use strategies from both Reframing Aging and Reframing Human Services. In this training, we present research-based strategies for telling the complete story of human services and aging, and examples of human service communications that effectively integrate the two.


Technical assistance is available after each training session to answer questions, address challenges, or assist participants with new communication materials. Please reach out to Katherine Cavanaugh, Training Manager to learn more


Resource Library

We offer a library of resources and tools to help change the narrative about human services and aging. Visit the Resource Library



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Our Human Services Initiative training was generously funded by Woods Fund of Chicago, Fry Foundation, Polk Bros Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, and Annie E. Casey Foundation.