Join us in crafting a new narrative about human services and community well-being

Grounded in our values of collaboration, advocacy, equity and connection, Illinois Partners offers training and technical assistance for human service professionals and supporters.

Our training focuses on changing the narrative about human services and attitudes about aging with reframing, an evidence-based approach to more effective communications. Reframing is essential to promoting broader support and more equitable policies for human services. It also provides tools to challenge and shift stereotypes, biases, and misconceptions associated with aging. By elevating this new narrative, and training community providers to incorporate it into their communications, we can change the discourse to influence public perception and legislative decisions.

Our training program can be tailored for the individual needs and interests of an organization or community. Technical assistance is also available to support implementation of strategies into your own organizational communications.

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Leading the Conversation: A New Narrative for Human Services

Illinois Partners is working with health and human service professionals to build a new narrative about our sector to gain public support and work towards meaningful policy solutions.

Human Services are a vital foundation to community well-being, yet the public and policymakers often don’t understand or see the complete story of our value or our work. Our collective goal is to:

  • Create a new narrative for the human services sector.
  • Change the way we tell our story and accomplishments.
  • Change the way the public thinks about human services.
  • Advocate for equitable policies that address the needs of the sector and promote community well-being.

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Conversations on Reframing and Aging

Aging is a normal part of the lifecourse, and strong community supports and age inclusive policies are critical to ensure community well being for everyone throughout our lives.

The Reframing Aging Initiative is intended to:

  • Improve the public’s understanding of what aging means.
  • Change the way we tell our story and accomplishments.
  • Counter ageism and promote policies and programs to support people throughout the lifecourse.

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Recent and Upcoming Trainings

We hope you can join us in the next session in this initiative. Technical assistance is available after each training session to answer questions, address challenges, or assist participants with new communication materials.

See what’s coming up – or contact us to discuss tailoring a program to your group’s needs.

Our Facilitators

Adela CarlinAdela Carlin, our Senior Director of Training and Community Partnerships, was recently selected as a national facilitator for Reframing Aging.

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Adela CarlinKatherine Cavanaugh, our new Training Manager, is focusing on the launch of Illinois Partners’ statewide training initiative.

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We offer a library of resources and tools to help change the narrative about human services and aging.

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