As many of you probably already know by now, the legislature did not pass a budget last week as was planned. The House goes into Session tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am, and the Senate goes tomorrow at 1pm. The tentative schedule is for the Senate to meet Wednesday/Thursday and the House to meet Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.

Leadership (Gov. Pritzker, President Harmon, Speaker Welch) met this morning (Tuesday) to talk about the final framework of the budget, so we may be learning more soon. The expectation is that the Senate will pass an appropriation bill with the full budget over to the Senate tomorrow. Along with the appropriation bill, there is still a good amount to do, including the BIMP (budget implementation bill), Medicaid omnibus and many other important pieces of legislation.

Illinois Partners will keep our coalition partners posted as the process unfolds. For now, be on the lookout for email updates on the budget early next week as well as a date for our upcoming webinar on highlighting the key takeaways from session and the FY24 State Budget.

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