This new research by Illinois Partners highlights sector-wide workforce trends in hiring, vacancies, and turnover, and identifies associated effects caused by COVID-19 on the health and human services workforce.

What do the shifts in our relationship to work, brought to the forefront during the last 18 months, mean for the health and human services workforce, which has shouldered the burden of care throughout this pandemic?

The report, More Essential Than Ever: Rebuilding the Illinois Health and Human Services Workforce in the Wake of COVID-19, describes key themes that emerged in our research.

  1. Investing in the health and human services workforce is inherently a gender and racial equity issue, because the health and human services workforce is majority female.
  2. Community-based organizations are experiencing record levels of turnover and having unprecedented difficulty filling vacancies.
  3. Unlike other sectors, health and human service employers cannot raise the price of their goods or services to increase employee wages, and must look to the state.

Full report


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