Illinois Partners for Human Service has released a new report, “Failing to Keep Pace: An Analysis of the Declining Value of Illinois Human Services Reimbursement Rates,” showing how flat reimbursement rates have fallen behind resulting in severe challenges for providers in several key service areas.

“The report is representative of a long-term trend:  when the time comes to balance the budget, cutting rates for human services is one of the easiest places to go.” said Representative Elizabeth Hernandez. “We know human services providers will do everything in their power to keep their doors open, but I’m hearing firsthand that the situation has become dire and they are running out of options. I will work with my colleagues in Springfield to make sure we are properly investing in healthy communities and getting our state back on track.”

We learned during this research that most service providers have little choice but to accept state contracts that require them to supplement the difference between what the State will pay for a service and what the actual cost to provide the service is.

Download:  fact sheet giving a brief summary of the report • full report

Authored by Annie McGowan with support from several of our coalition partners.


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